In the event that test got analyzed to delete a user after by itself, it performing operating consistently and you may better

For the temporary, this will be an internal API to which you could send an effective request and you may do individuals strategies into application front from inside the test. It’s very easy to turn on:


It’s understandable that QaApi could only work with attempt profiles and that is only accessible thru an intranet.

Values off Badoo assessment

Nearly at each conference i tell anybody just what investigations degree i possess within our providers. I’d like to briefly list those that try of great interest on the position away from Selenium evaluating:

  • Devel environment comparison: Devel is actually a copy from manufacturing with its very own basics and internal properties.
  • Test review: Try try a launch environment that’s obtainable out-of an intranet thru a certain Hyperlink, and you can that is a contain from master code and the task becoming looked at.
  • Staging evaluation: Staging try usually the result of a comprise of release department together with grasp.
  • Design assessment.

Parallel Selenium examination to possess subscription

Let’s get back to our very own take to. Suppose that you’re you to thinking-exact same QA professional that is now tasked having training the newest registration try to your workplace inside the parallel for the several images as well as on presenting.

I want to encourage you one shots work with a release environment, frankly, he’s got a comparable associate ft. It can be obvious you to definitely in today’s place-up it is not it is possible to to run screening in the synchronous. For folks who turn on two of these types of testing a couple of seconds apart to your additional photos, then your second try tries to would a profile into the Badoo in the event the earliest has composed one, and this will usually falter:

How do we resolve this dilemma off ours? How can we make sure that the test always provides an excellent fresh Facebook member?

In the beginning I tried to eliminate this dilemma the easiest way. I written a keen mysql table on the which i brought in multiple yourself-composed Fb pages and you can designated its reputation while the ‘available’. The exam took a person out of this table, and changed the status so you’re able to ‘busy’. If the there is certainly zero offered user, the exam damaged, providing the relevant notification.

This system got numerous evident cons. To start with, if so many attempt occasions was basically triggered at the same time, there have been not enough profile available so there is nowhere so you’re able to have them out of. And, for some reason, the exam you will fail to stop an individual in the bottom (for example when it is actually stopped by clicking ‘Ctrl+C’). Nothing on the is appreciated on the mornings whenever there clearly was smaller than simply one hour to go through to the release due date.

We pretty soon got tired of unpredictable crashes and you may away-of-control statuses which have Fb levels and began to come across a great better service…

The fresh Graph API

Fb keeps an excellent API which enables one to carry out attempt pages and to jobs him or her – builders.facebook/docs/graph-api. It’s organised quite just: your develop the new demand need and posting it to help you the latest Fb host, right after which the answer comes back in the json style.

You receive an application id and secret when you register your application on FB (for more details see here - developers.facebook/docs/facebook-login/overview).
  • The number of registrations for every single application is minimal. Quote: “Each application you simply can’t create more than 2000 attempt users.” Conclusion: you should remain number out-of pages.
  • A test representative which has only come written can only work together that have you to definitely app. In this situation the program is the domain in which the service is located. Inside Badoo, staging and you can photos are located in some other domains. Conclusion: after you keep number from profiles you really need to categorise him or her of the application id.