It was later on entirely disregarded given that a storyline part

He just after advertised he could maybe not reach steel; this particular fact seemed to was basically disproven of the his afterwards get in touch with that have silver armor.

The first time the guy allowed himself to sound sadness led to an explosion regarding cough, implying that Ghostbur’s delicate emotional condition could have affected him yourself

He had been considered effortlessly immortal, as it’s maybe not usually you are able to so you’re able to canonically destroy an excellent ghost. czy be2 dziaÅ‚a Ghostbur are aware of this, and tried it because the an excuse and make somebody care faster regarding him when he got into rough affairs. His loss of memory didn’t be seemingly a result of his death.

Ghostbur been able to getting technically attacked from the an actual physical firearm, given that circumstances don’t phase through him, but the step won’t get to far. It had been questionable if the he educated aches of actual injuries.


Ghostbur acted similarly to Wilbur pre-presidency, probably as a result of their spotty memories. The guy reported for release the majority of their lifetime struggles, trying to find tranquility again. Not surprisingly, in the individual terminology, lives try problems. He appeared to have trouble with brand new summation of the fact that there’s zero afterlife having him, talking appear to regarding fraudulence of faith.

Despite his calmer county, the guy was most sad the lower his laugh, looking to to not ever work on strong emotional some thing as a whole. His main goal would be to make everyone else happier. He advertised that he don’t discover a place to the majority of low things, particularly relationships, and you will asserted that as there are zero actual afterlife, there’d become no reason in starting to be not form. Thus, he had been much better than simply he had been individually before his death, managing a lot of their dated lifetime family members having a good tentative and you may optimistic the brand new method. Ghostbur used to not need are renewed, because the who does imply his death, however, just after Doomsday, the guy deducted that folks would like it in the event that Wilbur came back, and you may turned into reluctantly contemplating the very thought of his second dying.

Ghostbur was extremely tentative, creating his best to steer clear of ways regarding higher-size meetings, dodging severe and you may heavier subject areas, and you can to prevent all mentions regarding their past. And in case reminded off his record, the guy turned really uncomfortable, almost since if he had been sense some sort of emotional worry at the idea out-of remembering. His thoughts wasn’t entirely went – he attempted to record the things he could keep in mind inside the book, Everything i Remember. He detached himself out of his lifestyle similar totally, inquiring to-be called Ghostbur, and you will writing on traditions Wilbur because an excellent elizabeth “Alivebur”. Not surprisingly, Ghostbur try computed and also make up for Wilbur’s antagonism.

Regardless if he had been alternatively melancholic, Ghostbur actively portrayed himself as the simple otherwise clueless – it is not obvious in the event it are knowingly, otherwise subconsciously. In times from shock or stress, Ghostbur is struggling to analyze or perhaps sensitive and painful towards condition, most probably because of their conscious repression regarding one thing bad. Such, during Technoblade’s delivery, he fixated toward “Friend”, incapable of comprehend the bad events that were taking place to your. On account of his forced purity and you may active memory repression, Ghostbur could well be easily manipulated, never ever shortly after denying people’s terms much more than what it looked to go on the outside peak. This is often seen especially in new failed coastline cluster skills, whenever Fantasy took advantage of this – the guy don’t immediately following think one Dream could be trying to push him taken care of in order to damage Tommy.

Ghostbur retained their old affinity to possess ways and you may pranks, in which he enjoyed messing along with his nearest and dearest in the nothing suggests – constantly from the heading undetectable and you can punching them, or by position threatening signs to her or him. He and additionally demonstrated a separate affinity getting building, and then make many different structures doing The latest L’Manberg. He later lamented its exhaustion.